Mr Black-Reserved for Kerry

Mr. Blue-Reserved for Shannon

Mr. White

Mr. Yellow-Reserved for Jaclyn

Mr Brown-Reserved for Shannon

Mr. Grey

Mr Teal

Mr. Green

We also have a lot more pictures of our kittens on our Facebook page

Our pet price is $1,000. 

Kitten pick is based on the order in which we receive the deposits.  No kitten will be held without a deposit.  It is a $200, non-refundable and that does get applied to the total price of the kitten.
We will announce when we are ready to start taking deposits.  We will not start taking any deposits until the kittens are 4-8 weeks old. We allow visitors only after the kittens have had their 8 week old vaccination.

Our kittens leave with a minimum of:
2 FVRCP Vaccinations
Altered (spay/neutered)
Copy of parents DNA results
Vet records
Welcome home bag