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The new owner is responsible for all shipping costs. This includes Flight ticket (see below for more price information on the ticket), Health Certificate - $51.00, Insurance - $15, Airline approved carrier - $45.00 (bed, stuff animal to cuddle with, food dishes are included), Transportation cost to and from airport - $50.00. The shipping cost will vary depending upon the season of the flight. The cost for shipping is a little higher in the winter and summer because of special care of the kittens which is needed because of extreme temperatures.

The average cost of shipping: American Airlines (usually $375 but has temperature restrictions) or Delta (usually $411 for regular and $460 for dash with no temperature restriction). Delta is a little more expensive, but needed in the summer months because of their summer pet program that keeps the kittens in air-conditioned areas throughout their trip and allows them to ship regardless of the temperature.

However, not all airports are participants in Delta's summer program. If your chosen airport does not participate and your temperature is over 85 degrees or there is not an airport within driving distance that does then you will have to fly here to pick up your kitten. We will meet you at the Kansas City airport to deliver your kitten to you.

Other airlines have temperature restrictions which cause problems when it gets above 85 degrees at any point on the trip. Please note: If shipping during summer months please be aware that not all airports are participants in the Delta Summer Pet Program. Please check your airports to see if they are.

If shipping, we will make arrangements and take your kitten to the airport but all costs and pick are your responsibility.

Estimated shipping total, includes all of the above:
American Airlines: $536
Delta: $572, Delta Dash: $621

Most airlines do not allow us to make a shipping reservation until 2 or 3 days before the flight. Depending upon weather we also may have to wait for an official weather report so it might be as little as 24 hours before the flight that reservations can be made. When the reservation is made, we send an email out with all the flight information. This email will contain the airline flight number and time of arrival. It is the new owners responsibility to call the airport after receiving this information to find out how to get to the pick-up location. There are different locations to pick up your kitten than the actual airline terminal and these are in different areas in each airport and you need to know where to go before you leave home. We also ask that you check the flight number online (or by phone) before you leave to pick up your kitten to make sure that your kitten's flight is still on schedule before you leave home.

Preparing your kitten for flight is no small procedure. They have to be taken to the vet for a health report within 10 days of flying. The airlines require certain types of carriers which have to be customized by us with nuts and bolts. All required paperwork has to be gathered, copied, double checked, and secured to the carrier. After everything is set, flight scheduled, and weather cooperating, we leave for a 1 hour drive to the airport.

In the summer months if Delta's summer program cannot be used, we have to ship your kitten early in the morning or late in the evening because of temperature restriction. In the winter it is usually in the afternoon when the weather is warmer. We cannot ship if the departure or destination airport is above 85 degrees or below 32. When the kittens are loaded on the plane they are in the cargo area , but not with the baggage. They are in a pressurized and air-controlled area, similar to the cabin. The only time your kitten is not in an air-controlled area is during loading.

We require that you phone/e-mail us when you have your kitten in your possession after the flight, regardless of the time of day or night. We have become very attached to these kittens and if we do not hear they arrived safely, we will have sleepless nights.

Three weeks prior to the shipping of your kitten, we will mail you a hard copy of the contract, have you sign it and return it either by mail, fax, or emailing a copy. At that time the final payment must be made which includes the rest of the cost for the kitten and the shipping costs. The kittens actually do very well when being shipped but will be very happy to finally arrive safely and be able to snuggle in their new owners arms. If you have further questions, please email us: