Welcome to Kansas Ragdolls.  We are glad you are here.

Why a Ragdoll?  Their gentle personality is a must have for a family environment.  Their intense eyes will captivate you.  Their silky soft, plush coat makes them a joy to pet.  They are not your typical loud vocal cats, they talk softly.  They are so relaxed when you pick them up that they are affectionately called "flop cats".   Ragdolls come in a variety of color: red, chocolate, seal, blue, lilac, and tortie.  They also come in different patterns: Mitted, Lynx, Colorpoint and Bicolor. 

We are a small breeder located in Kansas.  For us quality is far more important than quantity.   Ethics and honesty are very important to us.  All of our adult cats are DNA color and genetic tested.  Our breeders are double negative for HCM and PKD.  They are also negative for Fiv/FeLV.  We want to ensure that we are breeding strong healthy cats.  We will at times even color DNA our kittens to check and see if we are correct on their color.  We are still learning the color genetics involved in our cats, and we don't want to mistakenly call a blue cat, lilac.  Our cats are raised in a loving family environment.  They are raised with our children and family dogs.   Each kitten is raised as if they will always be with us until they come to your house.  When they leave us they have age appropriate vaccinations, dewormer, Rabies, revolution, vaccination records, parent genetic testing results and microchipped.  They also come with our welcome home kit. They will be litter box trained.  We do not declaw our cats or kittens. 

If you are interested in one of our kittens I encourage you to come and visit.  If you already have a deposit down on a kitten, we will keep you updated with pictures and information on your new baby while you wait.  We would also encourage you if you can to come and spend time with your new addition when possible.  We like to have appointments set up for visits because we are a busy family but we will always make time to talk about and play with Ragdolls :-)   You can drop us a line under the contact page.

You can also visit us on Facebook  We post a lot of pictures on facebook.

If you would like more information on Ragdolls, I encourage you to check out these sites: